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2,000 Balloons! Balloon Prank Time Lapse

This video is a time lapse of a balloon prank I did in July 2011. It was recorded over the span of about two days. The sound clips in the video are some of the more funny things that we said over the span of time that we were recording.

Over the span of four days we filled up my dad’s bedroom with over 2,000 balloons. At one point it was so full that balloons were touching the ceiling. The balloons were purchased over the span of a year from Walmart, usually in packs of 72. I always bought two or three packages at a time to avoid raising suspicion from employees.


  • Seriously, get balloons from Walmart.
  • Have fans readily available. This helps to keep the balloons in the room.
  • Don’t use hand pumps. All they do is slow you down. Use your lungs!
  • Get lots of friends! If you have the right people it can be super fun!
  • Leave enough time to enjoy the balloons. It’s like a giant adult-sized ball pit!

Thanks to all my friends who helped with this prank!

One step closer…

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