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YouTube Update

Yesterday marked the re-launch of Conrad and I’s show B & Crumpets, something that we’ve been waiting too long to do. We’re very excited about resuming this. We’ve made a lot of improvements in how we record and I think they’ll show. Although the first episode was us resuming our Pokemon Red playthrough that’s not the only game we’re going to play. I don’t think I’m spoiling anything when I tell people that we’re playing Burgertime on this Friday’s episode, and we start a playthrough of Lisa: The Painful RPG next week. If you have a game you want us to play let us know either in the comments here or on YouTube.

As it stands right now my game plan for the channel is to post something every weekday. Tentatively I’ll be uploading:

  • BashAttacks on Monday/Wednesday
  • B & Crumpets on Tuesday/Friday
  • The Quarter Life Crisis every other Thursday
  • Something random every opposite Thursday.

It’ll take some time to get up to full speed, and as such we might miss a day or two along the way.


Stay tuned for more!

Super Mario Bros.: #1 Faster Than An Olympic Athlete

New series. Old game. Let’s play through the entire game in one quick episode. Let’s not besmirch the good name of an olympic athlete.

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